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Blackberry PlayBook runs QNX OS

So the Blackberry tablet is running an OS called QNX which will eventually replace Blackberry OS on their smartphones according to this post at Brighthand.

More importantly I'm told by Omenie (makers of Ellatron and M3000) that QNX has a lot of potential to be a great OS for mobile music. This does depend on RIM making a workable SDK SDK a) native b) free and c) cross-platform.

So, who knows, Blackberry could end up being a mobile music platform! I guess we're a long way from knowing that for sure though.

Add to this that they will need to make it an attractive place to go for developers as well.

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papernoise said...

I haven't been hearing from QNX in a while now... but back when it first came out it was halied among developers as the first true realtime OS. Now from the little I know about QNX it could be really great for music on portable devices... but it really depends on how accessible the SDK will be and how "desirable" the devices running it will be for the public... we will see!

ashley said...

Lots or promise, we'll have to wait and see about devices / SDK / pricing etc