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Giving it a good THUMP!

I was going through apps I haven't used in a long time the other day and came across THUMP. I haven't played about with this for a while so rather than delete it I decided to give it another go.

It is still a great little app of the DRUMS + 2 X SYNTH variety, but it has a few tricks up it's sleeves too. My favourite being the ability to set the pitch and filter of the drum samples, which is fairly unique.

It is a real shame that THUMP hasn't been updated since it was first released over a year ago. But there are many apps like that which get no update love even after showing a lot of initial promise.

Never mind, it is still fun to play with.

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Sigmund said...

It is really a shame that this app hasn't got a copy and paste option. At the moment it is very limited in how you can integrate the sound with that from other apps - putting it in the category of toys rather than instruments you can use with regularity.
That is a pity because of the fact that the app is quite simple but has some really nice features - the frequency modification you already mentioned and the ability to upload your own sounds to create a new drumkit.

Unknown said...

Was going to buy it, but you cant chain sequences. Swing, filter and pitch are all pluses.

Yo have to be a real good programmer to make a solid drum machine. Hardware and Software need to work in Harmony.

The Dtune for the Nintendo and NanoStudio is the best sounding I heard so far and the most productive.

Timing, Time Division, Swing, Velocity, filters, pitch, Tune and effects!
The basics of a Good Drum Machine. Make it so that you can add swing to individual hits in the kit/program or the whole kit.
Stick a WAV Editor in their with A way to chop a loop into 16 slices and Auto drop it to the pads or grid. Game Over.

The iPad could be the sickest Drum Machine Ever.

People talk about Steve holding the iOS back....it's deeper than that.

The funny thing is that Korg and Akai can make exactly what I want for the Pad, but they won't and I can see why. They sell hardware too.

So its up to the Devs to study and research what they are doing and stop Putting Out MEDIOCRE Shit.
I shouldn't have to use 2-3 apps for what I should be able to do with one!

And I repeat!
I shouldn't have to use 2-3 apps for what I should be able to do with one!

rondema said...

Thump has fallen mute for me. Can't get so much as a squeak from it. Soon to be deleted.

ashley said...

@rondema I wonder why it has stopped working?