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Movie★Slate (Clapperboard & Shot Log) updated

This app gets a HUGE update:

  • Now sends timecode. Use MovieSlate as a timecode generator!
  • Now sends/receives timecode over WiFi (between MovieSlates) and/or audio cables.
  • Use WiFi sync to remotely control iPads running MovieSlate.
  • Drop Frame timecode.
  • New Camera Optics tab - enter ISO, aperture, shutter speed, etc for History and leader/end rolls.
  • New Camera Optics tab - new auto-incrementing "Filename" field for use with tapeless workflows.
  • Slate - new "Slate" number field (appears near the roll, scene, take fields).
  • Slate - tap timecode display’s SYNC indicator to view the sync status.
  • Slate - when a shot ends, the rating view (optionally) does not immediately disappear.
  • Slate - for MOS shots, top clapper stick is now drawn fully open (straight up).
  • Settings - new “Clapper stick vertical for MOS” clapper behavior.
  • Settings - new "Confirm “End the Shot”" clapper behavior.
  • Settings - new “Show Slate when Shot Ends” clapper behavior.
  • Settings - new “Tap Anywhere” clapper behavior.
  • Settings - clapper hinge button: start shot, lock orientation/data/both.
  • Settings - new custom "flasher" and "timecode" colors.
  • Settings - new "Song Delay" duration for use in Music Videos.
  • Settings - new “Save Shots to History” preference.
  • Settings - choose to show Leader Roll before or after clapping.
  • Settings - choose Leader/End Roll fields and the order in which they appear.
  • Settings - choose History Report fields and the order in which they appear.
  • Settings - choose which Slate Data fields are sent when syncing via Bluetooth and WiFi.
  • Settings - added solid “warm” colors to Gray Card choices.
  • Settings - choose where to save Shot Marker/Notes in exported FinalCut XML files.
  • Bluetooth Sync - now sends roll, scene, take, and many other production info fields.
  • Bluetooth Sync - choose to receive timecode, production info, or both.
  • History Details - new plus button creates new shots and auto-enters data.
  • History Details - date, time, timecode can now be edited.
  • History List - contains more information in each row.
  • History XML - now includes video filename and shot title.
  • History XML - marker titles now include a portion of their comments.
  • Notes Editor - new plus button creates a note without closing the Notes Editor.
  • Notes Editor - is now wider on iPad.
  • Notes Editor - notes are now numbered.

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