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Amazon to launch an Android app store?

I'm not sure if I think this is viable or not. I can see it being a better way of discovering apps than Google's Android Market, but I'm not sure how it sits with Amazon's own Kindle 3 and the possibility for an app store for that hardware.

According to GadgetLab:

Developers will have to pay $99 to sign up, just like with Apple, and will get the same 70:30 revenue split. Amazon will decide what gets into the store, pull any apps it doesn’t like, and wrap everything up in its DRM. Further, you can’t sell your apps cheaper elsewhere. If it costs a dollar in the Android Market, it has to cost a dollar over at Amazon.

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Anonymous said...

Every new bit of Android news makes the whole thing sound like one hot mess. Personally, I'll be dead in the cold, cold ground before I use a substandard OS with a name like Frozen Yogurt or Gingerbread. Good grief. :)

Unknown said...

lol. If I had a Android I would make my own apps or download the from RS. Buying them seems like a hassle.

formal said...

If I had an android phone I'd prolly just sell it to somebody that actually wanted it. WP7 isn't looking much better either.

johnnyg0 said...


So for how long have you been dead for using a substandard OS? I mean yours just got permissions by its owners to do multitasking and display wallpapers only a few months ago, and it took 4th version to do this (and 3 for copying/pasting)?

.. and which also has to steal its name (IOS) from another company because they're too lame to find a good name themselves? (CISCO)

Anonymous said...


Yes, the name was "stolen" and it's not like they were putting the letter "i" in front of all their products for years... :)

At least they built their OS in house, and didn't need to buy a small conpany's upstart to even make a dent, then give it away for free while copying what the leader was doing all along. But I'm not really one for living in the past, seems more like your department vís-a-vís the history lesson.

I guess you get what you pay for, though. :) Enjoy your FroYo... Do you want sprinkles on that?

johnnyg0 said...


"At least they built their OS in house"

Oh you seem to know a lot about this :)... But really, you know that IOS and OSX are both based based on BSD which is a version of UNIX but not UNIX itself, on which Apple put its UI on top... so yeah.. "in house" if it pleases you, but they depend on open source much more than you'd like to believe.

"didn't need to buy a small conpany's upstart to even make a dent"

Oh yeah?.. do I really need to list all of Apple's acquisitions in the last 10 years or will it just be embarrassing for you?

"I guess you get what you pay for, though. :)"

You bet you do get what you paid for, whatever you buy, but what does that really mean? .. does it apply if you pay for a prostitute? :)

In the meantime, Android has surpassed Apple in terms of sales. But this is no surprise, as Android is a system made for everybody to use, and Apple is a company who doesn't want to work with anybody. In the long run, those who work alone usually ends up alone.