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A Manual for Audioforge

The start of a manual for audioforge. The developer would like feedback if possible.

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Unknown said...

Looks Good. Newbs will still catch hell tho. You got to hold their hands now-a-days.

My iPad went up in value with Reforge. Don't think I would of stuck with it through the First Adopter days if this app wasn't available.

I Didn't know you could change the Backgrounds/Wallpaper in Audioforge till the other day. I'm loving it!

I've been using Stereo Balance and Widening a lot lately.

Matter of fact, I can show you better than I can tell you.....

Stay Tuned and RTFM!!!!

ashley said...

Look forward to that. Let me know

Marlene DeGrood said...

I would love to see you add a "Manuals" tab to your menu bar and link all the manuals you've found, it would be a great reference.

ashley said...

Marlene, that's a really good idea. I'll see what I can do.