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Cine3D Stereographer for iPhone

You don't see too many apps like this one. Apart from being fairly expensive it is a pro photography app so the price is understandable from that point of view. Here's the description:

If you are director, DOP, photographer, stereographer or student, the Cine3D team has released the App you expected. Stereographer provides a totally innovative feature: a real-time depth simulation. This tool allows you to see the consequences of your choices for the viewer. This is also a very efficient learning tool.

Stereographer is the most intuitive stereo3D calculator available for iPhone and iPod Touch. This App was designed by the Cine3D team after one year of research. A must have!

Key Features:
  • Many cameras, 3D-Rigs and screen presets (customizable)
  • Suitable for Motion Picture and Stills work, Film or Electronic cameras.
  • Different shooting modes available with detailed explanations.
  • Real-time depth simulation (theatre, TV, laptop, IMAX, mobile phone…).
  • Real-time warnings about the consequences for the viewer (pleasant3D, painful3D,...).
  • Customizable target audience (adults, pre-school,…).
  • Binocular disparity threshold warning (diplopy).
  • On-screen offset in % or cm/in.
  • Manual adjustment of the calculated values.
  • Data base of the saved parameters / e-mail tool to send the elements for future use or post-production.
  • Operates in imperial or metric
  • Customizable units
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Night or day display mode
  • Help button on each page
  • Link on Cine3d website (glossary, theory, news,...) 
Priced at $44.99

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