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A Strange souding app

Another odd sounding app for your iPhone:

Enjoy your own music and discover new melodies with Melobase, a creativity tool for recording, listening to and organizing your own musical compositions.

Melobase includes a database, a sequencer for recording and playing back sequences and an embedded studio with two keyboards, two synthesizers and a mixer with level and balance control. Everything you play using the embedded studio is automatically recorded so that you can listen to and rate your compositions. Therefore, you won't lose a moment of your improvisation sessions.

Melobase has two modes of operation: a recording mode using the embedded studio and a listening mode using the player. The embedded studio is available when the iPhone or iPod touch is held horizontally, and the player is available when the device is held vertically. During playback the user can navigate among compositions and rate the composition being played for future reference. The player automatically goes to the next composition for extended listening.


Embedded studio:
  • Two full-range scrollable piano keyboards;
  • Two sample-based polyphonic synthesizers with multi-sampling and voice stealing capabilities;
  • Four possible instruments: piano, harpsichord, bass and strings;
  • Mixer function with level and balance control for each channel;
  • Automatic recording: recording starts when a note is played, and stops after four seconds of inactivity.
Sequence player:
  • Browser with ratings, date and time;
  • Editing mode for deleting sequences;
  • Rating scheme (0 to 5 stars) captured during playback;
  • Background playback (when available);
  • Pause and resume;
  • Navigation between sequences.
Melobase is priced at $3.99.

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