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NLog MIDI Synth Arrives on the app store

At long last NLog MIDI Synth has arrived on the app store costing £5.49. More details tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

I don't beleave it! Why didn't they release it as an update?

Temporubato said...


NLog MIDI Synth' engine has been rewritten to do the realtime MIDI part with low latencies and reactive enough to compare with your hardware synth worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

If you are really into using your IOS device with external MIDI equipment you are getting a lot more value than the few bucks NLog MIDI synth will cost.

People always wrote to me, if I am so crazy to let NLogFree to be a free synth. I always said: It is a free world, and many things must be free.

But, I do not believe in a model where you once send a few bucks for a software and then get lifetime free upgrades of any sort. I think the MIDI thing brings you IOS with NLogSynth to a great new dimension if you like to play life.


robman84 said...

It's still such a young marketplace the models are being tried and challenged frequently. In the "desktop" market it is not unusual to have to pay for a significant upgrade to software you already own ( Office, Photoshop etc.) although the cost is significantly less than the retail price for a first purchaser. But then we're talking software that costs 100s of dollars in the first place. This model seems alien in the mobile market where upgrades tend to be free and (I think) the app store doesn't cater for paid upgrades alongside a fully priced version.

In-app purchases is one possible way of doing it but i imagine that's complicated for the devs, and then you run into the much derided not-quite-full-ware approach of the apps that charge a relatively high price for the app but artificially remove functionality that most users are going to want anyway and make them in-app "upgrades".

Obviously Rolf has done some serious work to Nlog to make this version and wants to get paid for it (naturally!). I imagine making Nlog modular enough to have the midi functionality an in-app purchase is probably difficult, but there are significant engine changes too. Of course this now forks Nlog into 4 paths (free, normal, midi and iPad) which is probably a nightmare for Rolf but also puts users into an uncertain position - will the normal version get all the latest updates, for example, or will it be abandoned? I'm sure Rolf has no plans to abandon any version but that will be a trickier thing to maintain when no-one is buying the normal version because they may as well buy the midi one.

I think the two most feasible solutions (for devs, who have to make a living out of this) are for Apple to implement paid-for upgrades, or for devs to have much stronger segmentation of their product line but maintain them all equally.

TempoRubato said...


I like Rob's comments a lot. At end the most viable solution would be that Apple provides a paid upgrade option. Otherwise apps will not evolve over time to the extent which is possible.

NLog Synthesizer came out 1.5 yrs ago. I took all the people who bought 1.0 with me to 2.3 Remember what the apps was in the beginning, and compare it to what 2.3 is?

It was started with the idea in mind to see if we can do something really of pro quality on the device. All the long way to 2.3 gives you the answer: YES.

Now, the next level is started with "NLog MIDI Synth":

The idea is to be able to compete in REALITY with hardware synths. The break through step here is the MIDI integration. You can put it on your keyboard or rack and play with it like with any other device you have in your rack.

Now, I am asking for 6.99 EUR Is this too much?

Think about where 1.0 was for 3.99 EUR and where it is now with all free upgrades. I never changed the price: A glass of wine or a big beer!

Be assured, "NLog MIDI Synth" takes you to another journey in the next 12 months including free upgrades. I do not think 6.99 EUR is too much. It is just two glasses of wine ;-)

The "NLog Synthesizer" has been removed from AppStore. So, the lineup is:

NLog Free
NLog MIDI Synth
NLog Synth PRO (for iPad)


Unknown said...

midi knockoff.
It's NOT Multi Timbral
The Only thing saving this app is the Record function.
I could sequence 1 CHANNEL with my MPC and Record it with NLOG.

If you're buying this APP for MIDI, get something else.

ITS NOT WORTH $8.99, and yeah I bought it. Now I got twin Nlog's.

MIDI FAIL. Get B-16i if you want FULL midi on your iPhone and iPad, Universal app for $3 while it lasts.

Read my comment in the iSequence HD post. This is the BS I was talking about. Apps like this is why I can't wait for the HP Slate.


TempoRubato said...

Hi Beat,

NLog MIDI Synth was *not* designed to be a remote midi whatsoever control app since you can find zillions of such sort in the app store. It is the other way around: You can play with your midi hardware the synth. I never thought about to play a synth with a MPC, since a MPC is more made for loop and sample playback, but not for controlling a note based synth like a MiniMoog.

However, I like to learn:

MidiOut is actually on my list, but I haven't considered for the before mentioned reasons as an important feature for the app. But I can add it in the next update.

The other feature you mentioned is multi timbre support. From a MPC aspect of use - which I haven't considered so far - it is for sure needed since you do not play notes, but sounds. From a musical synth and midi keyboard perspective it is more about split zones etc.

Multi timbre is really at top of my list for an update.

So, as before with NLog Synthesizer I like to hear what users think and how they are using it. It is most of the time quite diverse. But most feedback get into updates.


PS: Not sure if your language is fair, since you are complaining about something lacking (multi timbre and midi out) which hasn't been mentioned as a feature in the app description.