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1st iPad Street Musician?

The First iPad Street Musician? from Alex Shpil on Vimeo.

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BVR said...

Soo cool! Very weird person that is playing, but the idea is spot on. Great way to gain back those 500$!

Unknown said...

I wold have grabbed that raccoon tail for good luck. ;)
I see Shes rockin that DIY iPad holder. Get that money gurl.

johnnyg0 said...

First?.. yeah sure, if it makes her happy to believe that, but it doesn't make it any less pretentious (especially with all the previous videos of people playing their ipads in the street).

Go on girl! Play!, play!, you will a lot of spare change to afford 600$+ ipad.

damn hippies :)

Paul said...

What app was that?

Doctor Popular said...

First Seline HD claimed that they were having a 40% off sale, when in fact the price jumped from $5.99 to $7.99. Now they, or whoever is making their marketing videos, is trying to infer that this artist is the first person to busk with an iPad.

A simple google search would clear that up, but I don't believe this person actually believes this is the first. Clearly it's just someone trying to infer something they know isn't true, which is incredibly disrespectful to all the other artists who have been performing with iPads and iPhones for a while now.

Anonymous said...


AmidioInc said...

Dear Doctor Popular,

We are not directly connected with the iPad Orchestra members (who shot & titled the video) as you suspected but still we do really think that this is the first street performance with iPad. We searched google on "iPad street musician". You are very welcome to do the same and find out that your videos do not come up on that search term.

Moreover, the girl even earned money, gained crowds of people and she had a special neck-work iPad case for the performance.

As for the Seline HD price. Regular price is $12,99. When Seline HD was introduced, we had more than 50% off ($5,99) and then it rose to 40% off ($7,99), and now it is still remains discounted. It is actually very easy, and there wasn't a slightest bit of "dishonest shit", but anyway we are very sorry if the clarification of our price policies wasn't clear enough for you.

Anonymous said...

Well, not the first iPad Street Performer. There was that magician who did a little bit with his iPad. But, I searched for street musician and couldn't find another with an iPad.

Another thing I can't find is anything by Alex Shpil beyond the iPad Orchestra, the street performer, and the iPad harness.

What I did find was Alex Shpilkin who resides, where-else but Moscow. As does a certain Ilya from Amidio.

Perhaps I should dig a little deeper into their respective backgrounds and see how close they actually are, but I don't really have to. It's not a far stretch that the latest "viral" videos about Seline could be marketing productions by Amidio. Not that they are such bad videos to begin with.

Toyo said...

I can shed the light upon this, not a secret that the iPad Orchestra are our loyal fans and betatesters.