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HotPaw Basic for iPhone now available

Another basic interpreter arrives for the iPhone today. This time HotPaw which was originally a Palm OS app (and still is of course).

You can't compile native apps with HotPaw, but it'll still be fun. Here's what to expect:

HotPaw Basic supports the minimal Basic language, including:

let if then else endif dim data read restore
for to step next while wend goto gosub return
? print input open close end stop
run new list del save load removefile cls rem

int() abs() sgn() rnd()
sqr() exp() log() log10() sin() cos() tan() atn()
len() val() asc() str$() chr$() hex$() mid$()
timer() date$ time$ pi

+ - * / mod ^
= > >= <

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johnnyg0 said...

Basic programming apps, the new fart apps?

ashley said...

No! Surely not!

GPSchnyder said...

I'd like tham to be able to save the files and exchange them. AND they should use the iOS stuff. Like playing Songs, showing Images... That would be fun...

ashley said...

Yeah, that's a good idea. I used to use their Palm OS software and liked that a lot.

johnnyg0 said...

@Palm Sounds

I was just kidding :), but there seems to be an almost deluge of Basic programming apps these days.