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SongMaker on sale

You might remember a video I posted on this app a while ago. If you didn't see it then you should really check it out as it is great to watch.

Anyway, SongMaker is on sale at the moment with the price down from $4.99 to $3.99.

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Marlene DeGrood said...

Ok so the 1dollar off was enough to get me to buy it. This is so fun! Now I'll have to save my allowance for more packs. Guess this means no akai synthstation for me now.

Unknown said...

So this app don't let you record over you own Tracks? Thats so lame.
Devs sure know how to stifle apps. A bunch of IAP's of lame songs. smh.

Grumpy Tank said...

No real time pitch control, either? Just a bunch of canned junk? Bah!