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CDM on the OP-1

CDM gives us more news on the OP-1. Sadly (for me anyway) the price stays high though it does sound and look like a great piece of hardware.

Of course it is great to know that the OP-1 isn't vapourware too. Still, I'd love to have been able to own one of these "futuristic, luxury spiritual successory to the Casio VL" (quote from CDM)

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Unknown said...

Whoops. Successor. Although I like the idea of a successory.

Unknown said...

Oh, and I guess the price is only high if you compare it to the Casio. ;) Have a look at the screen, build quality, capabilities, etc.

qmish said...

>>Sales will be initially direct-only.<<

:( so no way to "come to shop and buy" ?)

ashley said...

Peter, I'm sure the build quality is great, and it looks amazing. I just don't have the money!