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Multitouch iPad Casing coming in the future?

I saw this at TUAW and thought it was quite interesting. Not just from the point of view of having a multi-touch enabled case for a device like an iPad, but also in terms of what additional benefits it would bring to musical performance.

On of the issues with a device like the iPad in terms of performance is that you have to hold it to use it or put it down flat which is never as good in a performance (IMHO).

If you the casing itself was multitouch enabled then you could in theory have even more control over a performance based app even with the hand you were using to hold the device.

I think that could be really useful.

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johnnyg0 said...

What about Microsoft Lucidtouch? They even presented a prototype in 2007.

ashley said...

Yeah, it was a nice concept, but like their Courier prototype it didn't go anywhere.