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Sound Made Simple iPA for iPhone

You might be interested in learning about audio and sound equipment, and in general courses won't be cheap, and neither is this app (in app store terms that is), but it is probably cheaper than taking even an online course.

If anyone does try it out, please let me know what you think.

Sound Made Simple iPA is a training application that takes an 'academic' approach to teach the basic fundamentals of audio, acoustics and sound system equipment. Adapted from the highly acclaimed SMS iCD, iPA (portable application) enables iPhone and iPod touch users to enjoy the same learning approach while on the go!

Sound Made Simple iPA uses eye-catching animation paired with easy-to-understand narration that teaches the basic fundamentals of audio and acoustics using a unique, academic approach.

Topics covered include:
  • Sound & Hearing (Explains the physics of sound & how the brain and ears work)
  • Signal Path & Gain Structure (Describes how signal travels through an audio system)
  • Mixing Consoles (Explains control knobs, busses, faders, inputs & outputs)
  • Equalization (Explains filters, equalizers and how to EQ a system)
  • Acoustics (Unveils the mystery of echoes, reflections and noise control)
  • Microphones (Explains how microphones work, differ and placement technique)
  • Signal Processors (Defines the different types of processors and their functions)
  • Power Amplifiers (Clarifies amplifier settings, features and configurations)
  • Loudspeakers (Explains the core components, coverage and types of loudspeakers in an audio system)
  • Cables, Connectors & Impedance (Defines the various types of cables, connectors and interfaces found in an audio system)
There are over 350 comprehensive, academic-based modules (movies) in a well designed application ideal for OTG (on-the-go) learners.

SMS iPA download options include:
  • LITE (Free) a short loaded version of the Professional version
  • CHAPTERS each of the 10 chapters as an independent application
  • PROFESSIONAL all 10 chapters (350+ movies) in one large application
It is recommended the PROFESSIONAL version be downloaded via iTunes and then sync’d with the iPhone or iPod touch device, due to its 433mb file size. Chapter apps are independent and are identical to the lessons found in the PROFESSIONAL app.

The app is priced at $24.99

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