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Korg iMS-20 still half price until 31st Jan

The iMS-20 is still on sale as it has been since launch, but according to the app store description the price will go up from the 31st of Jan, so don't forget to get it before the price does up if you haven't done already.

After the 31st the price will be $32.99. Just don't want anyone to miss out!


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Burg said...

(Sigh) I appreciate the reminder man ...but... please tell me. is it REALLY worth the current price?

I blow money on apps like a drug addict and I'm trying to be good.

It's worth it for general use with a daw and local ipad use via audio copy paste?

Just want to justify blindly buying another one. Thanks for any/all feedback!


Paul said...

Honestly, it's the deepest and most robust app that I own. I got it at this price and I haven't regretted it for a moment. I requires some time to really sink into everything it can do, but give it that time and you'll be deeply rewarded. It's magnificent.

(FYI, other apps I use regularly: iElectribe, Rebirth, iSequence, Nanostudio, Nanoloop...to give some perspective.)

Dj Agent M said...

i managed to get computer music magazine and it had a tutorial. it is the real deal coming from someone who makes hip hop music as standard is more comfortable using samples the sounds on here are crazy. Well worth the price. I like you have alot of apps but thought it buy it just for the price and because of the hype...and because of the artists that have used the original.

Burg said...

That settles it. (clicking now)

Thanks again!

Paul said...

It can be completely overwhelming at first, so don't give up! Under the Global setting (upper right corner) there's a HELP button that leads to an excellent manual.

Anonymous said...

I'm in the same place Burg was.. Can I audio copy from the app? This is the deal breaker for me to be honest. I can't see it mentioned in the specs :(

Burg said...

I wasn't clear eith, but bought it anyway. It does say Wav. Export but didn't mention anything else. I was hoping that it at least exported to somewhere on the device (library?) where I can grab it via another program (Mulitrack DAW)

Korg hasn't been to friendly with copy/paste though so I won't be too suprised if it's missing

Anonymous said...

I haven't found the in-app manual to be very helpful at all.

However, if do a Google search for "automatic gainsay ms20", you will find (on either SonicState or YouTube) a series of 7 videos from a guy named Marc Doty who breaks down, over the course of about an hour and fifteen minutes, the entire control panel and patchbay.

His videos are based on the real MS-20, but they are equally applicable to the operation of the iMS-20 app.

A little further searching on YouTube will also reveal a number of demos of the use of the SQ-10 sequencer together with the MS-20 that I found tremendously helpful, too.

I invested some time following these videos with the manual and iPad handy as a reference and feel 300% better about the app. The patching really opens it up.

For the record, I have no affiliation with Korg, and I wish they'd put a decent guide (or hire the YouTube guys), as their current documentation vastly undersells what the app is capable of.

Anonymous said...

This is my favorite iPad music app by far, and have a lot of them.


Dick Serious said...

My second favorite app on IOS, second only to Nanostudio. It would be worth twice the price.

rondema said...

Okay so no copy/paste, with no view to it being implemented. Shame, and I think shortsighted of Korg. I know a tenner is buttons for an app of this quality, but it's still ten wasted pounds if I can't bounce sounds straight out of it. How annoying :(

johnnyg0 said...

I know AudioCopy is cool and all.. but can I remind everyone that the 1000$+ real MS-20 doesn't export either?

Still I think it is shortsighted of Korg if they have truly no plans of implementing it.. unless Apple has plans to open their platform a little so we don't need something like AudioCopy in the future?

Anonymous said...

Yes johnny but that's not the point. If I was sat in front of a real MS-20 it would be patched through a desk to my recording mediumm of choice. I imagine a company like Korg don't want to acknowledge or implement a technology developed by a competitor on the same platform.
I'm still tempted though.. I have spent the majority of the day looking a which shiny stone and metal thing I'll be spending at least 100 times more on for my now fiancé..
I'll decide once and for all by Monday..

rondema said...

I meant to own up to that comment ^


johnnyg0 said...


"I imagine a company like Korg don't want to acknowledge or implement a technology developed by a competitor on the same platform."

Exactly,.. Sony created the Blu-ray, their Memory Stick and the Midi Disc for the same reason (with varying levels of success).

I already agreed Korg should do AudioCopy, but I wonder for how long something like that will be needed.

There was another software to export audio before AudioCopy which was made useless when Apple locked the internal DCIM folder to pictures only (I can't remember the name at this moment). Who's to say AudioCopy will still be here in 2 years, that it won't have competitors?

AudioCopy is fine now, but the most important is to be able to export a wav file.