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Another controller and in no way a cheap one either! iMinimoogV is priced at $29.99. Here are the details:

Leveraging 2 years of experience in designing GUI for control surface and 25+ years of experience in designing synthesizers sounds, we are bringing the best of those experiences to the iPad with iControlMIDI for Arturia MinimoogV, namely iMinimoogV.

iControlMIDI is a UI Friendly and Workflow Efficient Solution that let you control your MIDI machines and software, simply from your iPad.

iControlMIDI is Plug & Play (actually there is nothing to plug!).
In 3-clicks on your Mac or couple of clicks on your PC, you are up and running...
iControlMIDI uses your:
  • iPad with WiFi connectivity
  • WiFi router (like an AirPort)
  • [MAC] MacOS / Utilities / AudioMIDISetup / Network (MIDI Network Sessions)
  • [PC] rtpMIDI and Apple Bonjour
iControlMIDI let you control all MIDI controllable parameters.
Parameter Name and Value displayed on iControlMIDI UI are the same as the ones displayed on your synth if you were to program it from its control panel!

iControlMIDI offers 3-Controls per Parameter:
  • + button: precise +1 parameter value adjustment
  • - button: precise -1 parameter value adjustment
  • Slider: full range parameter value adjustment
iControlMIDI is a Workflow Efficient Solution as it offers UI Consistent Synth Functions, for example, the VCF functions are grouped on the same iControlMIDI Page.

iControlMIDI integrates with your DAW. Real-time parameters adjustments triggered on iControlMIDI can be recorded and playback on your DAW.

iControlMIDI is a Zero [Mac] and Low [PC] Dependencies Solution; iControlMIDI relies on iOS 4.2 CoreMIDI and MacOS CoreMIDI frameworks is 100% MIDI, 100% iOS and 100% MacOS compatible and:
  • Does not require to pay for additional software or have additional software installed on your Mac; requires to download rtpMIDI and Apple Bonjour on your PC
  • Does not require to pay for additional hardware
  • Does not require to do message mapping
  • Does not require to design a UI on your Mac or PC and upload/sync it on your iPad
  • Does not require to design a UI your iPad.
With iControlMIDI, we are offering you to be immediately operational, so you can focus on your music (not on the IT/MIDI part of it!) and unleash your creativity.

iControlMIDI is designed by Electronic Musicians for Electronic Musicians.

iMinimoogV - iControlMIDI

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autoy said...

Wow, these guys are out of their minds. Also, the GUI is a train wreck, I hope they don't get away with it, specially for that price. Just look at what Korg is doing for a lot less. This is so lame.

Anonymous said...

Holy moly, 2 years of GUI designing for that?!?
I hope the 25 years of synth sound design makes it sound better...
Oh, it doesn't make any sound?
Well what's the $30 for? Sending some MIDI commands when you push a button?
Get real...

Anonymous said...

Indeed... it appears to be a grid of sliders. Really?

Anonymous said...

What makes this so ridiculous is that Korg's iMS-20 is roughly as powerful as Arturia's virtual analog stuff to begin with.

Why would I want to control an Arturia virtual instrument using my iPad when it should just be running on my iPad in the first place?

Paul said...

"Leveraging 2 years of experience in designing GUI for control surface and 25+ years of experience in designing synthesizers sounds..."

This has to be some sort of joke. This is terrible.

Anonymous said...

I smell trademark violation.

Anonymous said...

That shit is ugly....$30??

dnny said...

when i saw the title for this app i was so psyched i nearly dropped my iphone right out of my hands...$30? okay this better be good...

i then saw the screenshot of the god-awful UI and quickly figured out it was not a Moog product whatsoever...afterall, Moog d o e s develop one the most superfluous sound sculpting tools currently available on iOS...

what a disgrace this is to one of the originators of modern sound synthesis!

whoever rosner ROSNER is ought to change the name of their app to, 'a clusterfuck of sliders on a black and grey grid'

i know this appeals to a certain niche and it would certainly be a task to map this out with something like TouchOSC which c o u l d be worth the thirty bucks to some people... but 'Anonymous' is on point with the fact that Korg's iMS-20 iPad app KILLS this iPad app + PC configuration, even as if it climbs up to the same price point.

Anonymous said...

(diff anon here)

I agree this looks like garbage, but as nice as iMS-20 sounds, I suspect the synth engine behind the PC version has orders of magnitude more detailed.

Not all filters and oscillators are created equal (look at ACE!).