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So what do we think of the Next Generation Portable?

Yesterday Sony announced the NGP and Playstation Suite. All very interesting stuff. Playstation on Android 2.3. A smart move on Sony's part. I do like the idea of one platform being on another. I wonder what (if anything) it will mean for mobile music?

Any thoughts?

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dcp said...

The NGP looks cool, has good specs, joysticks, touchsreenS, fortunately NO 3D crap... a really powerful machine. But guess what will happen? Every idiot on this planet will run and buy a nintendo 3DS instead.

Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting every non-idiot will rush to buy one of these? I strongly disagree.

Johann said...

From a usability standpoint, the only real innovation is the backside touchscreen. Since you're touching blindly, you can't click at the same time. So this is a bit like a mouse with no button, but multiple pointing coordinates.

Now whenever Nintendo introduced such a new element, it created a first party app that used it well, had great gameplay and was just a lot of fun.

I'd like to see a first party app from Sony. So far, no cigar.

johnnyg0 said...


The backside touch surface is a lot like Microsoft's Lucidtouch. Check out the demos it will give you an idea how it could be used.

Its true that Sony must release a good app to show off the possibilities if they want devs to take advantage of it.

johnnyg0 said...


Since the DS has way more software to do music than the PSP, the 3DS has more appeal to me, from a music point of view.

But with the NGP's touchscreen, maybe more people will program music software for it. We'll see.

dcp said...

@ Johann: Please tell me what first party game by nintendo used the new features well and was "a lot of fun". Most nintendo games don't even deserve the name "game". Absolute horrible crap like the whole Mario franchise with all it's siblings, waste-of-bits-and-memory like nintendogs and more annoying sh** like that? Yuck, no thanks.

johnnyg0 said...


what about Wii Sports?

You might not like it nor call it a game, but you can't deny it was a genius first app to show off the new hardware's potential and how it could be used (I mean the wiimote).