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Using AmpKit (but perhaps not as it was meant)

I've been using copy paste a lot lately and I remember seeing a twitter conversation a week or so ago on using AmpKit as an effects processor for clips so I thought I'd give it a try using a drum pattern from MoDrum.

The results? Not bad at all really. You can have a lot of fun making interesting effects chains on your loop using AmpKit. Both the number of effects and the chaining gives loads of options.

I only brought in a loop, but I can see that bringing in longer audio clips could be really useful and give you a lot of scope for processing audio. So this is definitely something I'm going to be using a lot more from now on.

Clip to Evernote


Mat said...

Yes, when I saw/heard about the dry/wet reamping before Ampkit went out it just yelled at me "AUDIO COPY PASTE!!". I'm using Ampkit plus with my axes, of course, but also nearly as much with clips from other apps. I love this app and the guys at Agile Partners are working really well to produce working, smart and damn useful apps. Cheers to them!

Steven said...

This is exactly what I've been meaning to do with AmpKit. I can imagine running an app like NLog synth through AmpKit would result in endless varieties of sounds.

Burg said...

You know it!