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Final reminder for the iMS-20

I wouldn't normally do this but as today is the last day that this app is on sale I thought I'd put a second reminder in as it goes up by a lot after today and if anyone was holding out to the last minute I'd hate for them to have to pay the full price. Remember, after today it goes up to $32.99.


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Matt Hooper said...

I wonder if Korg will ever add audio copy, it's looking more and more unlikely.

sad when major devs just don't listen...really.

rondema said...

My final decision was no. Bought Looptastic HD instead :D

brian said...

But looptastic is in no way related to iMS-20-two completely different apps. Korg has brilliantly brought to the pad a synth, drum machine, sequencer in a powerful and very tweakable package. Buy it, build some loops and play them in looptastic.

rondema said...

But transfer said loops between apps only via a computer? No. I decided that my money was far better spent, considering how I work, on Looptastic HD. I am lucky to recently have inherited an iPad and have mainly only universal apps from my iPhone. That is all.

rondema said...

'instead' as in with money, as opposed to 'instead' as in directly comparable alternative ;)

brian said...

Get your drift. I like looptastic and think that Ableton should work on that kind of "touch logic" layout : easy, simple and smooth mixing experience.