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What's coming in NanoStudio and What's Coming in NanoStudio

Even more to look forward to with 1.13 of NanoStudio, and then 1.2 coming along too. Here's what the Blipinteractive site says:

The iPhone version has just been submitted so hopefully it'll be available around the 10th of February. Here's the feature list:
  • Support for Core MIDI using the Camera Connection Kit (iPad only)
  • Added MIDI thru for Akai SynthStation 25 (NanoStudio will respond to MIDI events received via the SynthStation's USB MIDI port)
  • New Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer library
  • OSX version has improved MIDI input parser (fixes stuck note problem with some MIDI controllers)
  • Eden pan/filter modulation bug fixes
V1.2 is still work in progress - that will bring new insert effects, an extra bank of TRG samples, offline sample processing using effects and a load of other bits and pieces. V1.2 has been taking some time though so V1.13 brings forward a few things that people have been asking for - mainly Core MIDI.

As with the last update quite a lot of the changes are specific to the iPod/iPhone/iPad version, but I'd be grateful if you do get the chance to try it out since it gives the 1.13 version some extra testing, and I always have the chance to update the iPhone version and resubmit if someone finds a problem.

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Jamie said...

Great news, Camera Kit compatibility is the big one for me. I've got too many MIDI controllers already so Synthstation is a no go for me.

Anonymous said...

Nano what? sorry i carn't hear you over the noise of beatmaker 2...you'll have to speak up!

Anonymous said...

A BeatMaker user than carn't spell?

(spitting beer in your ear) NA-NO-STU-DI-O

Anonymous said...

Yep you got me there i am a very bad at spelling, very bad.

Anonymous said...

But that noise of BM2 is produced by it's
users shouting where it is on the forum.
In the time they spent complaining in Nano
studio you would have a complete album
done already and are surpriced by yet another
seriously the're both great

Anonymous said...

I am however supriced that a NanoStudio user has made a grammatical faux-pas. What is the werld coming to?

Anonymous said...

NanoMaker is crap. I produced a complete album on StuBeatIO in less than the time it takes to listen to it, and it corrects my spelling as well.