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Google not happy with Android sales

Appleinsider has this story about Google planning to address some of the issues currently faced by the Android marketplace, and some of their ideas are very good I think, especially their plan to 'weed out' apps that violate their terms etc.

For me though, the biggest problem is discovery. Sites like AppBrain really help a lot, but Google need to do more to help people discover apps in the market. Anyway, I guess it is a step in the right direction.

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Anthony Bowyer-Lowe said...

[third comment attempt - hence the abbreviated grammar!]

Good article, reinforces my analysis of the fractured, unstable Android platform. Good to see that they're aware of the problems and I am positive the situation will be resolved over time but maybe that will be too late relative to the market and user expectations?

Anonymous said...

Google is not happy with PAID APP sales on the Android Market. Google is quite happy with Android sales.

I suspect many of the problems with paid monetization can be tracked back to getting customers up on Google Checkout.

They have made tremendous strides with the Market itself over the past 6 months.