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Honeycomb event on Wednesday

Mashable tells us that there's going to be a launch of the next Android version from Google at an event on Wednesday. Honeycomb is the first tablet version of the OS, so there might be a lot to look forward to?

I just hope that the audio issues start to get fixed.

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Ed Audiosilver said...

Agreed on the need for a decent audio architecture for Android 3.0 -this is their chance to play catchup and start getting existing or new music app developers on board.

Saying that I'm not putting firm bets they will, especially since Android may have just taken first place as the worlds mobileOS - are they really going to care about the musicians and producers that make a small percentage of potential customers?

Anonymous said...

Yeah - agreed. I'd rather that they did focus on audio, but we have to remember we're in the minority here, and both Google and Apple are making business decisions at the end of the day.

Still, hoping to see improvements on this front - I suspect there will be, though they may not happen with the urgency/speed that we would like.