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OMGuitar on sale (last day)

This is the last day of the sale price for OMGuitar with the price down to $11.99.

OMGuitarâ„¢ Advanced Guitar Synth - Amidio Inc.

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OMGeorge said...

Is it just me, or do most of those 5 star reviews on the app store sound like fakes? Has anyone (a real unbiased person) tried this?

Anonymous said...

the demo vids for this app.. they tried hard.. but.. they didn't sell me.. it sounded very static.. flat.. no dynamics..

it's the only app of theirs I havent bought... not even a matter of money all iOS music apps are an amazing value.. i just have so many good apps to spend time with.

ps you mentioned you real all posts.. so although its unrelated:

posting from the new mobile blog doesn't work... I press preview it just dumps me off on the normal comments page.. and loses all the text.. luckily I copy everything always.. always record.. always record..

after posting the comment then finally, theres no way back to the article.