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Forum down, I don't know why!

The vanilla forum appears to be down. No idea why that is, but when I find out what's wrong I'll let you know.

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Darksound said...

Maybe it just needs some encouragement :)

"Give me a 'V".....!!"

Anthony Bowyer-Lowe said...

I just lost a comment posted regarding the Android situation. Is this possibly related to your forum woes?

Anthony Bowyer-Lowe said...

Huh, it appeared on the second attempt. Good job I don't mind trying some things twice. ;)

Lots of glitches in the matrix tonight, I think.

Anthony Bowyer-Lowe said...

Nope, it's gone again. Does it need moderation because I included a link?

Anyway, giving up on this now. :(

Anonymous said...

I have a comment on the forum: I was trying to register using facebook but it said that it wanted to have access to post on my wall, I personally would not want this, just wanted to share that... not trying to be rude