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1 Week in. How's the forum doing?

So we've had this forum going for a week now. What do you think? Have you used it? I'd like some feedback on it.

Perhaps we can discuss it in the forum?

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Tom said...

I'm afraid I prefer the blog. The blog is more concise, more informative.

I spend more time here- because it's a blog. I can't be bothered so much with forums any more.

Mat said...

Your links to the forum are not going where they should:they are currently opening Concrete Dog's blog... By the way, It may be cool to post in the blog updates of topics in the forum, there are really interesting stuff there (for example like the "build your own box" thread) which could be advertised on your blog main page.

Darksound said...

I like it. I think when BM2 comes out, as well as some other anticipated apps (Fairlight for ex.), the forum will get a lot more activity.

And I agree with Mat - You could also blog content from the forum for when other news is slow. Anthony wrote some pretty informative stuff in the "Bulid your own box" thread.

naw said...

Im not a fan of forums as comments on a blog work just the same and since Im on the blog already it means I am more likely to participate... I could not be bothered with a forum unless its a support forum for hardware/software or a dev forum other wise they are of no use to me and I likely would not go to it...

Will said...

Sadly, I still can't read it on my iphone. The problem is a combo of having:


in the head of the mobile version of palm sounds but then having explicit pixel widths on some of the elements in the vanilla forum. For instance, the div#Body, div.Menu and div#Content. Means that those things go off screen and that thing in the header tells the mobile device that it can't zoom/scale.

Is it possible to adjust the stylesheet for the mobile version of vanilla forum?

Anonymous said...

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