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What apps am I playing with right now?

I mentioned a while back that I'd give you a quick run down of what I'm playing with at the moment as I've been meaning to do this for a while and a few people have asked as well.
  • Looptastic Producer and HD: Been moving stuff between these two as I make loops for a possible live set
  • bleep!BOX (on iPhone and iPad): Just excellent for lots of little mono sequence loops
  • Xenon: Again, for making loops to fit together
  • iSequence HD: I've been using this for a drum track
  • MoDrum: Fun for patterms
  • DopplerPad: Still love this app, but it could do with an update
On the more experimental front:
  • RJDJ: Using a variety of scenes at odd times. Usually whilst travelling
  • Tondo: Still getting my head around this app
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