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jonnyg0 said...

It will become increasingly hard for you to prove that you're not getting paid to put up all those crappy publicity disguised as a review..

In the meantime, you missed out on this :

or this one with Cat Piano :

Anonymous said...

I think the inception app is deserving of attention;
I'm not sure every incremental update is though. I'm not so sceptical about Ashley's neutrality - I don't feel he needs to prove anything :)

ashley said...

Really sorry you feel like that. I've been to the RJDJ offices but I didn't even get a cup of coffee.

I've never been paid to put up anything on Palm Sounds. Not once. Palm Sounds is a hobby, that's all. But with comments like the others aimed at developers I seriously start wondering whether it has run it's course.

I'll lay off the Inception app videos for now if it annoys you that much.

rondema said...

I didn't want to even comment in the Amidio post.. I find this kind of bitter sentiment very saddening :|

I appreciate the efforts you make with Palm Sounds - it's a great resource.. indeed unique. Maybe time to lock out anon. commenting (like mine above!) - I take it my forum log-in wouldn't be enough to let me comment on blog posts directly?

Anonymous said...

Don't close out anon, there are lots of good anon posts. Like me. Haha!

But all in all, I think we've seen a few too many of the inception app videos with the same two people wearing the same clothes in the same place, etc. Sometimes I wonder if I'm looking at an old post.

I really think of all the RJDJ / Inception releases as skins, not necessarily new features. Thus, it's easy to get tired of them.

I keep coming back to this site because it has a ton of great posts that are relevant to something I'm passionate about. Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

We know they don't use the word "review" correctly, it's not the end of the world.

They'll promote their stuff, you can't fault them for that. They gave you a nice app with high production values for free. If it's not interesting to you, just hit page up. Why were we complaining again?

Anonymous said...

Johnny, just make your own blog since ALL you do is tell him how he's doing his wrong.

Anonymous said...

We, which doesn't include you, fellow anon, were complaining because there have been 16 mentions of Inception over the 48 days. That's one every 3 days.


Anonymous said...

There are some much better RJDJ scenes that deserves this much coverage.

That Katy Perry Cat Piano video is better than the real thing.

johnnyg0 said...

Sorry Ashley, I know you're not doing this for the money, but I guess I was really tired of seeing those guys. And its true, there are RJDJ apps that would deserve more coverage than this one.

Look at this like a magazine : some people have been subscribing to a magazine for years, yet they complain at some of the content they don't like, because its making a shadow on the content they love. But still, they've been reading the magazine for years and they will keep reading it because they do enjoy it.

I do enjoy your blog, and I hope the best for it.

And someday, I believe, we'll have the chance to really see that this app is about, not just those two guys spewing empty words around.. :)

Anonymous Alcoholic said...

Agreed. A little bit TOO much self-serving promotion from the same app dudes gets a little irritating.

And to think those RJDJ people didn't even offer you a cup of coffee. Perhaps they have been in alternate universes for too long; I'm sure they weren't trying to be impolite on purpose.

ashley said...

@johnnyg0 Thanks, I really appreciate that a lot.

I do take the point now, and understand the frustration too.

johnnyg0 said...

@Palm Sounds

Frustration in no way describes my feelings, its just an annoyance, nothing more. But I can see how my first comment didn't exactly reflect that :P

Keep doing your best! :)