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RIM Playbook to run Android apps!

Personally I don't know much about the Dalvik VM but if this post has got it right I think that could be a big win for RIM's new Playbook when it comes out.

I'm interested to hear from Android devs about the implications for Android audio, and especially Pdlib. Richard, any views?

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johnnyg0 said...

If this thing is open, there's no reason why it couldn't run code from other platforms, especially when both platforms are posix compliant. Technically I'm fairly sure it could even run IOS apps.

Emulators anyone?

Richard Lawler said...

I think this is a maybe in the future kind of thing. It seems that it's a lot of trouble to go through to end up with essentially an Android tablet. Why not just start with that then add value rather than rewriting the kernel?