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Looking Back and Looking Forward

In the past I've used the 31st of December to do a review of what's happened in the year. However, for 2 reasons I'm doing something a bit different this year.
  1. 2009 has been a massive year for mobile music and a review would be enormous
  2. It is the end of a decade as well!
So instead I've decided to take a look at how things have changed in mobile music making by going back to 2006 and working forward by reviewing my end of year and expectation posts.

The whole thing is just over 10 pages long and is available as a PDF download here.

If you have time to read it I hope you'll find it interesting to see how things have developed and changed over the last few years.

2010 will see Palm Sounds enter a 5th year which amazes me completely. I'm sure that it'll be at least as amazing and interesting as 2009, and probably far more so.

So, whether you've been reading since 2006 or last week, thanks for your comments, news, emails, tweets and everything else.

Happy new year and all the best.
Palm Sounds.

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