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What are you looking forward to in 2010?

It amazes me to think that this is the end of a whole decade. From a mobile music point of view it has been very interesting, and 2009 in particular has seen mobile music really take off. I hope it continues into 2010, but I'm interested to know what you're hoping and wishing for?

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Tony said...

I'm eagerly awaiting updates to SunVox. Hopefully we'll get an EQ (3 band at least) and the ability to change UI colors. Any additions/improvements to the modular synths and effects would be welcome, of course. If possible, ioLibrary support would be really nice, too.

I'd also like to see a WAV editing app for iPhone OS. Maybe something like a trimmed down Audacity. It would be useful for doing light tweaking of samples or finished tracks. ioLibrary support would be a necessary feature, of course.

Speaking of ioLibrary, I hope 2010 sees Apple NOT taking it away from us. It's a highly useful feature for people making music on iDevices and it would be a real shame to see Apple destroy it.

I'm also hoping for a BeatMaker update, even though I'm not very optimistic. There hasn't been a peep from Intua in quite a while.

Finally, I hope Android becomes more polished and usable in 2010. The Nexus One could be a major step, and I hope more developers begin supporting Android. It's a much more open platform than iPhone OS and I think awesome things could be done with it.

Guido Baldoni said...

I'm hoping for an update of Bebot, or another app by its creator. So much potential.

ashley said...

Agree on the updates for Beatmaker. There's this theme of the possibility of a Beatmaker 2 which keeps cropping up.

I also hope that ioLibrary doesn't go, it would make life difficult

tiojoca said...

More focus on sound-making by other mobile OS' and OS developers besides the iPhones' (especially for Android). And hopefully more and better multi-platform development frameworks (with audio support obviously).