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Gliss for iPhone

A new app just before Christmas. Gliss is new sound application which lets you play sound files and mix them easily by drawing on your iPhone. With gliss you can load your sounds and draw them on the gliss sequencer in a quick, intuitive way that lets you make music on the fly. Play your mix using a tempo or scrub through by tilting your iPhone. The agility of gliss allows you to improvise and perform using the iPhone as a controller and interface. Launch gliss and experience an hybrid of a sequencer, a game, an instrument and a generative music system. Put sound under your fingertips with 5 different colors to draw notes, sequences and sounds.

List of features:

- 5 colors to draw different sounds / samples / voices
- sample upload via wifi
- sample playback in different pitches using various scales
- physical tilt-controlled playhead, which adapts movements of the hand
- physical randomization option: control random pitches with the phone's tilt
- muting voices
- glissandi over several octaves
- free or grid enabled placement of notes
- drifting selections
- saving / opening of projects

I'd like to know if anyone tries this one out, it is quite tempting.

Gliss at the app store:



Kerrydan said...

Nice find! I actually had an eerily similar idea for a music app not too long ago. Good thing I didn't do anything with it (not that I know how to program), as this developer has done a much better job than I ever could!

This app is certainly worth the $0.99 I just paid for it!

I rank it among the likes of highly inspirational iPhone instruments, in such great company as Sound Warp, Slice, Bebot, or Curtis Heavy.

Only version 1.0, and we already have the ability to upload samples to the instrument to be played as wavetables for the synth, or scrubbed like a sampler.

Each composition can be saved, too, and the .gb files it creates can be uploaded and downloaded via the same web interface as the samples, for convenient sharing or storing.

There's so much more, including setting tempo by tilting the iPhone, toggling visual grid guide on/off, and many musical scales to boot!

If the developer is listening, my wish list for the next update:
- ioLibrary support to import samples from compatible apps.
- Performance recording, or at least rendering of a composition (along with ioLibrary publishing of said recordings)
- Option to numerically show the current tempo (so I know what beat at which to catalog the recorded loops).

Add in those three features, and at that price I'd be happy to buy it all over again!

For now, I'm quite content to simply play with it and enjoy exploring the sonic possibilities.

Speak Onion said...

I'm really intrigued by this app. I'm going to try to play with it a bit over the weekend. Am I correct in assuming that a given composition can only use 5 audio files?