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Will we see an Apple tablet in Jan 2010?

There's been loads of speculation on all the Apple blogs over the last week or so and I've resisted up until now, but it sounds more and more like there might be some announcement in Jan, or at least at the end of Jan.

I'm struggling with the 'I've heard it all before feeling' about this supposed device, but if it did turn up I wonder what it might mean for mobile music, and how Apple's iPhone developers might react to it too?


velocipede said...

If I am allowed to hope, I'd like to see a jumbo iPod touch that can also be integrated as a touch-screen input device with Macs. Think about how much more interesting many music apps would be if they were just bigger. I think most would translate very well to greater screen space.

What I do not want to see is an underpowered Mac laptop dressed as a touchscreen.

superj said...

Could this be the end for the lemur?

johnnyg0 said...

There's a lot of applications for tablet PCs, and it didn't kill the lemur. It would need to be able to connect to midi devices without having to use a computer in between with some kind of midi server running on talking to your midi device (sampler, synth). I doubt Apple will go that route.

Richard Lawler said...

My bet is that we'll see a 7" 640x480 iPod touch with an ARM processor, binary compatible with existing catalog of iPhone apps and HDMI output. Existing apps will run scaled to VGA resolutions. Apps that are updated will know how to scale to the new higher screen resolution.

Of course Apple will not use this opportunity to be obvious, so expect some other sexy feature.

robman84 said...

I'd be happy to go with Richard's ideas! That said, I think a higher resolution would be "necessary" for it to not get slated (ho ho) in comparison to other 7" MIDs out there.

Some form of removable storage would be nice too.

Can you imagine some of your favourite music apps on a larger screen? Droooooool.

ashley said...

There's been some rumours that it will run a different version of the OS, so I suppose there's an outside chance that we might see a whole new app ecosystem arise

Johnnyg0 said...


Would a different OS means forcing us to buy all our apps again? .. I really hope not.