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Garageband Essentials (app)

Here's something a little different. Using your iPhone to learn how to use a desktop application. Garageband Essentials gives you ten video tutorials on how to use the basics of Garageband such as loops, audio midi etc.

I wonder if they'll do other desktop music applications?

Garageband Essentials at the app store:
GarageBand Essentials

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1 comment:

Marlene DeGrood said...

Hmmmm .... couldn't you get the same info off of apple's video tutorials?
Their website is under construction so there's no encouraging information or support for their product. Just a couple teaser videos would work wonders unless of course their video tutorials aren't very good.
Really would have like to have seen something to entice me to believe that their app could help me beyond what I've already learned from Apple's free video tuts.