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Jasuto Pro has arrived

Great news, Jasuto Pro has arrived in the app store today! I'm going to get it straight away.

Jasuto Pro at the app store:
Jasuto Pro modular synthesizer


DeathBoy said...

No itunes link?

(can't see it from here, anyways!)

ashley said...

The link is the button on the bottom of the post

the6thduke said...

Shame Palm Sounds is closing the poll for best, most innovative app of 2009. It's still 2009 you know! And here, is the real deal (winner- imo)!

PS- what happened to NLog also??

ashley said...

I would have loved to include Jasuto Pro in the poll, but all the signs pointed it to being released in 2010 and not 2009.

As far as NLog goes, no one nominated it, and I decided to make this poll a real reader poll so I didn't nominate anything myself at all.