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DJ Mixer offers sync function?

I'd not noticed this DJ app before, but it promises some great things such as:

Auto mixer
Play an automatic smooth mix of your music. Upcoming tracks in your playlist are beat matched and faded in as outgoing tracks are faded out. Auto mixer automatically beat matches your music.

Auto BPM detection
DJ Mixer automatically estimates the Beats Per Minute (BPM) of your tracks allowing you to choose a track to mix that is similar in tempro to another track. You can also edit estimated BPM values

Beats aware mixer
DJ Mixer uses the BPM it computes to auto-mix your tracks on the beat when 2 tracks have similar tempo. When tracks tempo is too different, special mix effects are automatically used

I've only included a few of the things that this app promises. It looks like it could be amazing, but I don't want to spend another £5.99 on a DJ app until I'm sure. I'd love to hear from anyone who's tried this

DJ Mixer at the app store:
DJ Mixer

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Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried this out as yet?