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What have you got planned?

I got this comment from Tony about his plans for a project using Sunvox / Bhajis and netbook. Sounds really good. Which got me wondering what projects other people have planned for 2010, or are working on now?
I just finished up my album using traditional hardware samplers. Now that my plate is free I'm diving into my next album/project (All handheld based) I plan to use sunvox and bhajis loops + netbook. I've got my sony clie and iPhone ready!

Just a quick plug for those that are interested.

What are you up to then?

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Speak Onion said...

I've been using Beatmaker on iphone as the sample brain of my live rig for a while (as documented in these pages), but I'm strongly considering a move to Sunvox. I grabbed the desktop and iphone versions during the sale all for less than Beatmaker cost me in the first place. Each app has its differences, and I'm still trying to figure out which is better for my purposes. I'm looking for the ability to be able to fire off loops live and change from one loop to another and bring loops in and out in an improvisitory manner. Sunvox lets me change loops easier as I can use pattern play, but Beatmaker lets me bring patterns in and out once I have the loop brace working. Hmmm. . .

In 2010, I'll find out whether Sunvox or Beatmaker fits my workflow best.

Pete Cole said...

Noatikl 2! :)

Balder Olrik said...

I'm working on the next version of ProChords http://prochords.dk/w
I have received a lot of great user feedback over the last couple of days and have enough ideas for the next year.

formal said...

That's me, Formal, who's got the handheld project in the works ;)

If it wasn't for all the hard work being done here at Palm Sounds I'd never have realized the potential power I had in my pockets! Everyday I'm amazed at what can be accomplished.

robman84 said...

Speak Onion, you should also look at Looptastic - the Producer version (at least) lets you load in your own loops and drop them in (up to 10 at a time and then you can replace them live), out, change volume, time-shift, cross-fade and a whole bunch of audio effects. It's a really cool loop player for live improv stuff. It doesn't sequence though, like Beatmaker and Sunvox do.

Tony said...

Yeah, Formal posted in response to my comment wondering where all of the other SunVox users are.

I've been working with Sunvox for a few weeks now, both on my iPod touch and notebook. Although Renoise is an amazing piece of software, it won't fit in my pocket, and I actually prefer the simpler composing environment.

Previously I was working up some stuff using BeatMaker, but it's so much more limited than SunVox. I'm also far more accustomed to the tracker way of doing things. I'm also turned off by the fact that Intua doesn't seem very involved with the BeatMaker community regarding support and feature requests, whereas Alex Zolotov is responsive to SunVox users.

@Formal: I'll be looking out for whatever you come up with using SunVox. I listened to your White Elephant EP and really enjoyed it. I really like lofi hip-hip/trip-hop stuff. Keep it up.

Refurbished Laptops said...

I'm planning on recording my album, getting some exposure and working with some big names... my deadline is 18 months - as that's when I hit the big 3-0! eek!