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ProChords for iPhone

ProChords has been suggested to me several times by a number of readers, so I thought I'd try and get it in to 2009 before the end of the day.

I've read quite a bit about this app on the developer's site and it looks very tempting indeed from a songwriting perspective. I may make it my final app store purchase of 2009.

ProChords at the app store:


Matt Hooper said...

ProChords is a great songwriting app, probably the most useful I own.

Can't wait to see what comes in future updates.

Marlene DeGrood said...

I think one of the huge pluses, for me at least, is the ability to download to your computer and then drag and drop the midi file into garageband .... which opens up another whole world of editing and fine tuning.
Peace and Happy New Year!

AL said...

yes i agree...when u have that writers block... this little app comes to the rescue....

The Baron of Cats said...

Definitely the best songwriting tool I have found. As I noted in my rather lengthy review on the store, the real genius of this thing is the chord-matching algorithm. It strikes a perfect balance between inspiring guidance and creative freedom.