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Welcome to 2010

Well here we are in 2010. Whatever you did on new year's eve I hope you had a good time. There's lots to look forward to this year, lots of great new apps on the horizon and updates on the way, and later this month an announcement from Apple which everyone is saying will be for the iSlate or some kind of tablet device.

Who knows what a tablet will bring for mobile musicians? Will it run iPhone apps or real OSX? I guess we have to wait until the 26th to find out.

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Richard Lawler said...

Gruber does a pretty good job triaging the Apple tablet rumors and adding his own predictions:

The big question about the Apple device is not whether it runs iPhone OS (I predict it will) or Mac OS X (I predict it won't), but whether it will be based on the ARM processor (used in the iPhone and most Android devices) or the Atom processor (used in netbooks). I predict it will be ARM-based.