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24 Apps of 2009: Touch DJ

When Touch DJ got released and I had my first play with it I knew it would have to be in my 24 apps of 2009. I'm no DJ, but I still love playing with this app. I'm not sure I'd take it to a party and use it for real, at least not for now anyway, but it is great to use for just messing around at home.

I can see people using this at parties or in clubs and I'd love to see some more videos of it in the wild.

What makes it an amazing app for me is how almost the entire functionality of the app is held in one screen. There's very little stuff you have to do which involves moving to a different screen or part of the app, so you can see what's going on with it all the time.

Touch DJ is now on sale for just $14.99, that's 25% off. Which makes it even nicer for the holidays!

Touch DJ at the app store:
Touch DJ ?

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Anonymous said...

expected this to be in your 24

Anonymous said...

Come on! Your "Not a DJ myself but this app is amazing and great to use..." jabering makes Touch DJ not better for any DJ at all. I'm working both on mk's, pioneer 2000 and i own a Pacemaker. I can tell you, the interface of Touch DJ is horror and for Club DJS absolutely useless. I'm using a 2G iPhone and it takes so much time to load a new track!? Very very hard to beatmatch with it, so i can't even recommend Touch DJ for beginners.
Sorry to say but i got blinded by all these good reviews and videos - bought it 2 days ago and now I'm deeply disappointed about your it.
It's definitely a toy, good for gamers but not for any real DJ. They should stop using the term DJ for this App - Word up!