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Last Watchlist of the decade!

Sorry, a bit over the top on the title, but it is nearly the end of 2009, so I think most of the stuff I'm hoping for will now be in 2010.

Stuff I'm hoping for (in early 2010 now):
  • Some retro palm goodness from Alex (maker of Sunvox). I am really looking forward to this stuff to put some new life into my old PDAs
  • The next Noise IO update, which seems to have been in review for ages now!
  • A new (music) app from Yonac?
  • A little more info on whatever 'DMD' is from Amidio, although it could be Noise IO 2?
  • DopplerPad synth and FX editing
  • Hitchcock video export coming soon to all devices
  • Beatmaker 2.0! which sounds like it might be real
  • A working version of BeatSequencer as the last update still crashes on my 3G
Stuff that's arrived:
  • Bleep!Synth from the maker of Bleep!Box?
  • FourTrack with snap to bar! Which is excellent!
  • Jasuto Pro. Which I didn't expect in 2009, but it is here already!
  • Mixtikl has arrived everywhere, including the iPhone and caused some interesting reactions
  • Sonorasaurus, has arrived and has been updated too
  • Touch DJ, arrived
  • FourTrack and DopplerPad integration, and isn't it great
  • Auteureist (it has, but you still can't get it, and thanks Apple for billing me for it even though I can't download it!)
  • Slice which I love
  • RecTools08 has had a good update although no synths or drum machine as yet.
So, is there anything I've missed? What are you looking forward to app wise in 2010? Updates, promised features? Apps on the way?

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Cody said...

I thought Auteureist was fixed in the app store?