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Thoughts on ThumbJam

I finally got around to trying out this little app, and I have to agree with all of your comments on the previous post, it is amazing. Great sound and control and real potential for live work. I'm really enjoying it a lot!

ThumbJam at the app store:

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Anonymous said...

took you long enough!
incredible acoustic and electronic sounds- chromatic sampling- huge list of scales- incredible touch response [drums!!!] - cool multitrack loop mixer for live playing- more instrument banks to come! this thing came out of NOWHERE and is kicking serious ass!


robman84 said...

Thanks for the post. I skipped it originally but finally got it last night. Very nice indeed. Seems to have learned a lot from Bebot, Dopplerpad and maybe even WaveSynth. The scales really make this app. I was watching telly last night (Day of the Triffids!) and just jamming along with the various string sections on the programme's soundtrack - everything just fitted in perfectly even without looking at the iPhone's screen.

Is there a metronome on it somewhere? I could use a little help when laying down rhythms!

ashley said...

I know it took me a while, but I tend to get there in the end. I always have too many toys to play with.

Hope to see some active development of this app in 2010