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I wanted to know more about Jasuto Pro, and here they are:
  • nearly alias-free analog oscillators
  • pulse width control on the square oscillator
  • all the filters have been re-written and have been fattened up quite a bit
  • several wave-shapers
  • ADSR envelope editor
  • note on/off for sustained notes
  • multi-page/octave sequencer
  • you can now draw notes/modulation in the sequencer
  • recording into the sequencer via the midi keys
  • sample recording/re-sampling
  • full featured sampler
  • new scene/sample browsing with support for uploading to the website
  • a FTP sever has replaced the HTTP server for easier file access
  • 6 stage analog phaser
  • granular synthesis
  • manual wiring and per wire control
  • number editor with beat/pitch calculator
  • compiling groups of nodes into a single script node
  • user definable scripting, allows you to do DSP work as well as full access to the gfx/scene engine
  • send/receive nodes have replaced the old linking method
  • a nodes motion can now be modified via the accelerometer
  • the mic input is now in stereo
  • heavily optimized, nearly 4x improvement over the current version on an iPhone 3G
  • no more audio pops unless you really are running out of CPU
  • VU/CPU metering
So, amazing stuff really. Jasuto Pro is due to go to Apple on the 18th so we can expect at some point after that.

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Is this going to be a free update for existing Jasuto users or a paid update?