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Happy Christmas to you all

I just thought I'd pen a quick not to say thanks to all of you who read Palm Sounds, whether you've been reading for ages or only from this week. Happy Christmas to all. I hope you've found Palm Sounds useful in some ways this year.

2010 will see Palm Sounds enter a 5th year of publication, and for me over a decade of using mobile music software and hardware. It is bound to just keep on getting more interesting.

I'd also like to thank everyone who's commented on posts for all the useful information you've given me, and for all the kind things you've said. It really means a lot, and I've enjoyed the amusing comments people have left too, some of which have had me in stiches!

Finally, an apology. I know quite a few people have mentioned in comments and tweets that reading Palm Sounds has meant that they've spent lots more money at the app store. What can I say, I'm sorry, and if it is any consolation, it hits me just as much. I don't think it will change next year either!

Have a very happy Christmas.
Palm Sounds

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Building The Station said...

Found out about your blog earlier this year and follow along via Twitter all the time. Thanks for constantly providing news and opinions that is so relevant to me and that I can trust!

Tyler aka BuildingTS

kd said...

Merry CHristmas!!!! Thanks so much for all your hard and informative work!!

Pierre said...

Happy Christmas to you too, anonymous Palm Sound person! You are definitely one of my favorite sites and I appreciate all the wonderful work you do year-round.

I wish you all the best in the coming new year!


Richard Lawler said...

Thanks Palm Sounds.

A Merry Christmas to you!

Speak Onion said...

Right back at you, friend. Palm Sounds is an awesome website full of good and useful info. Keep it up!

robman84 said...

Aye, Happy Christmas to everyone who visits.


Kris said...

lol have a good holiday season

Anonymous said...

Drop by every day - a wonderful site that keeps me up to date with great news and comment. Merry Christmas to all!!


concretedog said...

Happy festiveness to one and all. Thanks palm sounds for keeping me entertained and informed throughout the year.

ashley said...

Just like to say thanks for all the kind comments, really appreciate them a lot!