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That SOS article

I posted a while back on Sound on Sound having a feature piece on 'the iPad revolution'. Well I did read it, and whilst I'd say it was very good if you knew nothing about mobile music or indeed hadn't even considered it, then it could be a good introduction. However, if you're reading this post then you're probably not in need of that kind of 'getting started' guide.

I'm glad that they're taking an interest in mobile music though. That's a good sign.

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johnnyg0 said...

The article was nice, but the title was just asking for trouble, especially when you know SOS's readership who usually are into high end equipment.

It was a bit like a car magazine saying "The electric car revolution : is this going to replace your Formula 1 ?"

Well of course it can't at this moment!!.. but maybe someday when it gets more powerful and more efficient it will? (and in Apple's case, less restrictive?)

Really, that title was just asking for trouble :D

paul bailey said...

still waiting for SOS to publish an iPad app. at NAMM they said they were working on it and tried to give me a free subscription but i told them i'd rather wait.

2Anonymous2BeReal said...

@Paul Bailey

www+html5 > apps

Why does everything needs to be appified in the IOS world?... oh yeah.. you canno't save webpages for offline reading.. poor you :)

paul bailey said...

@2anon good point. HTML 5 would be fine, but the way it's setup now doesn't read worth a damn on a tablet. I'm happy to pay, but only for a decent reading experience

johnnyg0 said...

I just noticed Synthopia posted this on the same day you wrote this article :)

Is The iPad Recording Studio Still ‘A Dream’?


Anonymous said...

I want absolutey everything that interests me appified. I'm wih Paul. The other app I want is one with the Not2Real2b a Little Bitch app, the one that gives you a contrarian view on absolutely everything in order to fill some inner need to be superior to all s iOS sheep. What does he care what we do? Cause getting beat up in school sucked, and what better way to get over it than Push people around in the digital world for some self- satisfaction? must keep him up at night, all us dumbasses