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SampleWiz for iOS: creating new sounds via Audio Copy/Paste

SampleWiz - Jordan Rudess: Wizdom Music, LLC

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Tom TM said...

Was that a new sound? :?

That just sounded like the copy and pasted sound. I'm sorry but what's so special about that?

Can I turn off the zoom in samplewiz face too?

Marcus Padrini said...

Tom, the idea was exactly that: creating a new sound or preset for SampleWiz. Then you can play with it using a diferent interface, bends, etc.

It's just an example of how to create new presets for SampleWiz using the apps you already have and copy/paste audio.

Tom TM said...

Okay Marcus, that makes sense. Thanks.
But perhaps you should show an example of how a basic copy/pasted waveform can be manipulated to create a new sound?

And please give the app an option to turn off the fancy graphics. Yes they look cool in the dark, but in broad daylight, the app is very hard to see unless you have the brightness turned all the way up, and you don't always want that! (more time in the sun composing. Less time in doors recharging!)

Marcus Padrini said...

Tom, good idea. I will make new videos soon using it.

About the graphics we have to talk to Jordan Rudess and Wizdom Music. :) I am just a journalist showing how to use the app and I don't work with them.

But that is a good suggestion!

freesoulvw said...

Great example. I found that to be not as controversial or hair raising as Tom Tm,but then again....simple minds simple pleasure.

M padrini,I watch tons of your app videos on you tube and I am a subscriber(even though I don't understand you!)

I was hoping to find a promo code contest for sample wiz but my little heart can't hold out much longer. I picked up FL mobile,horizon,and after falling in love with horizon I went back to the AppStore and bought the rest of the beep street wares to round out the support category! I have been lucky in the past getting about one free app for every ten or fifteen I buy,but this month they rolled out some pretty good apps pretty quick. Just gonna have to suck it up and take one for the team. Thanks for the demos and keep the sample sets coming! It will be great if many users post shared samples so when I do get to join the fun I can cop a bunch of cool extras. Later.

Marcus Padrini said...

freesoulvw, thank you! I have to think about subtitles for my videos. :)

Burg said...

Thx Marcus! Ok I buy! ;-)