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Arix-303 - Matrix Synth Sequencer for iPad arrives

I didn't think we'd see another tenori-on type app, but here it is and it is free! Take a look at the details:

Arix 303 is an amazing Matrix Synth Sequencer with high quality sounds for creating great dance/techno/pop tracks in just a few taps. Just have fun playing around!

Instructions: Tap on the matrix sequencer buttons to add notes, then tap "Play" to start dancing! Add drums by using the three last rows!

  • 16-step Sequencer
  • 4 pattern sheets
  • High quality lead synth sound (full octave)
  • Drum sounds for amazing beats (last 3 rows)
  • 4 patterns
  • Speed selection
  • Note preview when not in "Play" mode
  • Stereo sound (requires headphones)
  • 32 notes polyphony
Arix-303 - Matrix Synth Sequencer - Koalapps

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johnnyg0 said...

Seriously, I think its about time you get a "Tenori-on simulation" category for IOS apps. There's just so many of them :)

Matt Hooper said...

and this isn't one of them.

kidBaltan said...

looks like one.....

Matt Hooper said...

It has 1 sound
No midi out
And adds

ecc said...

Downloaded, deleted seconds after I saw the banner ad on the lower portion of the screen. Who wants a constantly distracting ad on the bottom of a musical instrument??

kidBaltan said...

@ Matt
that does sound really bad indeed.

I really hate "free" apps where you have to pay for an
ad-free version.