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MoDrum update

Some great stuff in version 2.0:
  • Several new sound sculpting parameters
  • Dotted 8th Delay effect unit
  • Hard Knee Compressor
  • Ability to program patterns by dragging
  • Step sequencer undo/redo
  • Support for AudioCopy by Sonoma Wire Works
  • Opt-out from background audio
  • Allow MIDI note output
  • Various improvements and bug fixes
MoDrum - Synthesis-based Drum Machine - finger

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freesoulvw said...

Yeah this looks like a great app. I have bassline which updated too along side modrum.

I never bought modrum cuz I already had funk box and molten both have the virtual midi and background that works great with bassline. I still think after using bassline so much that I should get modrum. If it's at all similar then I'm gonna be happy.

kidBaltan said...

I have modrum and was thinking the same thing,
if baseline is as good as modrum I would buy it.

someone have both???