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Sythstation Rebate

Don't forget that if you're in the US or Canada and were thinking about getting an Akai SynthStation25 then now's a good time. Akai are currently offering a $20 rebate on hardware bought between the 4th and 30th of June using this form.

So don't miss out.


Tom TM said...

These things really make things like ShapeSynth and Nanostudio sing! I have had a couple of problems trying to sync properly though with an iPhone, but it does work with a little persistence.

1. 1st download Akai's Synthstation app and install it.

2. Then put your phone into aeroplane mode.

3. Do a hard reset on your iPhone.

4. Restart, then turn off again.

5. Turn the Synthstation on first, then the iPhone.

6. The Synthstation app should open automatically.

Check to see if that is working, then quit and choose whatever app you want.

The trick is to use the aeroplane mode, and if your phone gives you grief, do a hard reset.

dswo said...

I looked hard at this. Two things have put me off so far:

1. No support for CoreMIDI. (How long are devs going to code separately for Akai's hardware?)

At this price, I might still have gone for it, except for

2. Numerous reports of double hits. See the long thread about this on the Nanostudio forum http://forums.blipinteractive.co.uk/node/1284?page=2, which culminates in Dancore's report from four weeks ago: "Regarding the double-triggering on the Synthstation 25....It is a hardware issue with the keyboard (at the production stage) and Akai are very aware of it :-) After having had 2 faulty ones and extensively testing them with both my iphone and via usb to my Mac, I contacted Akai and let them know. They advised me to get a replacement, but as I had already done that, I asked them to test one at their end. They responded by apologising and saying that their engineers have tested and discovered that the double triggering is present in all of them (the ones they tried) and it is a problem at the production/assembly stage of the product, and won't be a small/quick thing to sort out. The double triggering's a real pain, but one I'm willing to live with until they fix the problem or another company make a better keyboard..."

freesoulvw said...

+1 on the code front. I can understand and respect proprietary usage(I live in a apple world after all) but if many of these companies looked at community first then the options for use become more open. It's not like akai is hurting for idevice business I suppose but it wouldn't hurt to become a little more open.

Tom TM said...

dswo, You must have a dud, because mine works fine. What a shame! :(

kidBaltan said...

Mine works fine also,
no double hits
dont have to use airport mode either