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A top 10 from obis

  1. Beatmaker 2
  2. Multitrack DAW
  3. Thumbjam
  4. Nanostudio
  5. iMs-20 (since the addition of audio copy)
  6. Yumi:synth
  7. Xenon
  8. GarageBand (since the addition of audio paste)
  9. Bebot
  10. Nota
Nice list with one or two that I wouldn't have

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freesoulvw said...

I have a similar list that I keep for apps that I want but am unsure about.

I would be nice to keep a running poll on the blog and randomly choose a app from the music category from the app store.

You could call it "pass or play" that way you don't have to go too much into detail but still let other members of the community have a quick way to see if an app is worthy of purchase. Just a thought.

matthew bennett said...

Um, Who's Obis?

Also, what's that sampling app with the 16 squares, and you can slide left/right or up/down or circles to tweek the sound? DocPop uses it on iPad, and I think it's been around for a while.... Thanks!