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The Modern DJ revisits djay

I haven't used djay so I found this post at the Modern DJ very useful.

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Tom TM said...

I always said djay was an app worth paying attention to! :)

Okay I get bored with emulating polysynths of old (its been done to death!), but who emulates two turntables and pulls it off with style?

johnnyg0 said...

Has anyone tryed to juggle with Djay?

Tom TM said...

If anyone tries to juggle in front of me, I'll draw this pistol and shoot them!

Djay has its drawbacks. You can't do a Otomo Yoshihide (or an Aphex Twin sandpaper, blender and carrots) with it. Nor can you literally 'scratch' the 'vinyl' by picking up the arms and pushing them from side-to-side across your records. But it's pretty good at most other things. Sure there is room for improvement. What app can you name that is perfect?

I bought Sonorasaurus and wish I hadn't wasted all that money, when Djay did the trick just as well, if not better. :)

johnnyg0 said...


What is wrong with Beat Juggling? When its properly done it can be amazing, its just like using small slices, but one must be very good at it, or else it can sound very annoying.

I think I will buy Djay while its on sale and give it a try, not that I think it will replace my turntables :)

BTW, does the hand in your avatar represent your pistol? :D

Tom TM said...

@ johnnyg0

"Beat Juggling" Whassat? Aphex beats? Squarepusher?

I was talking about juggling! You know throwing things up in the air, catching them and then catching them again. That's not what you meant?

I don't like hippies who do juggling. I'd rather shoot them! lol!

My pistol?! Eeek! You leave my pistol alone! lol!

59p for Djay. It sure beats (sic) Apple's iPod app! :)

Samplewiz does some mighty fine 'beat juggling'. :)